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Director: Damien Vignaux

Photographer : William Crozes

For the launch of the new Citröen C3 aircross we were happy to work hard during several weeks to support the film campaign done by the very nice and funny Damien Vignaux. While at the same time we were working on the worldwide photo production in many amazing sets in Tenerife and in Lanzarote. The location scouting was one of the essential production service at this stage. So yes we had many roads in our mind and under our feet J The Citroën film production was a complete project involving many local departments in action among the wonderfull crew we had, the props department has a super nice result on the film, the location department have been incredibly busy but we did it work together. The film light rental department & the film local crew was as professional as expected, the art department was so effective and the aerial drone views are just so amazing. At the meantime the shooting photo was done by William Crozes which it has been a pleasure to work with. Supported by our local crew, profoto & photo light department, make-up & hair artist, stylist, photo assistants, etc. As always a special attention for our catering, yes we want great energy !

Active Canary Productions, your Local Film & Photo Production in the Canary Islands.

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